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The modern platform that simplifies software integration projects for engineers, software developers, students, and innovators in drone, UAV, IoT, and cyberphysical systems spaces.

Technology sophisticated enough for the nation's most critical systems at your fingertips

Key Features


Keep your designs and code in sync with Component-Based Software System modeling tools in Tangram Maker

  • Engineering workspace
  • Component libraries
  • Code repository integrations
  • AADL standard
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Streamlined Transformation

Tangram Maker gives you access to Flex Editor so you can easily create messaging protocols and transforms between components using different standards

  • 1:1 mapping between standards
  • Transform authorship
  • Kafka, ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, and ActiveMQ support
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Code on a monitor

Automatically generate software interfaces with transforms built right in so you can integrate new technology without rewriting code each time

  • Customizable workflows
  • C++, Java, and Rust output
  • Mavlink support
  • CSI generation
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Who uses Tangram Maker?

  • Universities and Engineering Students
  • Research Organizations
  • Tangram Flex Engineers
  • You!
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