Tangram safeguards engineering for the future

We live in a sophisticated software-meets-hardware world. Tangram brings order and transparency to cyber-physical systems so engineers can innovate with greater safety, simplicity, and trust.

Detangling the world’s most complex systems

The challenge

We trust software to control almost everything around us, but software is often unreliable.

Our physical world is controlled by computers. They are brilliant works of software engineering with impressive capabilities, powering cyber--physical systems that need to be modified, adapted, and retrofitted. When systems get really complex-- fighter jets, spacecraft, defense systems, and more-- missed requirements and unreliable code can compromise the entire operation.

It’s time to improve the way systems are built.

Tangram gives engineers the tools to create modular, configurable systems that work only as they are designed to. Learn more about Tangram’s approach.

Simplification is needed so the world can evolve and innovate

Tangram's solution

We want to help engineers build more flexible systems.

At Tangram, we believe it’s time to improve the way systems are built. Glitches, vulnerabilities, and unexpected behaviors aren’t a human error problem, they’re a complexity problem. Tangram unscrambles cyber-physical systems so you can understand the components they’re made of. Change is necessary and relentless- we make the process more orderly.

Innovate and upgrade with transparency and trust

Advancements in technology add infinite complexity to the relationships between software and hardware. It’s time to build a simpler future.

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