Take Control of Software Integration

Keep up with constant changes in technology. Meet new challenges with confidence. Tangram Flex helps you modernize your mission-critical systems.

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Tools and Talent to Strengthen Your Systems

Every system is unique, but the mission is clear: the people on the ground need dependable, adaptable equipment to get the job done. We understand the challenges of security, speed, and safety. Our team brings engineering expertise and product solutions together and walks with you to modernize systems faster and with greater confidence.

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Build Strong, Flexible Systems with Tangram Pro™

Tangram Pro™ arms you with new ways to understand, adapt, and safeguard your critical systems. It is the first product that solves software integration challenges with customized toolkits catered to your specific mission needs.

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Rapid Integration with Confidence

You need to deliver capabilities faster than ever before to keep pace with technology. Without the right tools, changing any element is time-consuming, manual, and adds a lot of risk. Tangram Flex collaborates with you to restock your toolbox.

System Visualization

You need to understand a system before you can change it. Manage your system components in Tangram Pro™ and use its tools to connect them together for easier system updates.

Code Generation

Integrating a new component takes a lot of code. Use the Tangram Pro™ workflow engine to cut down on manual labor. Automatically generate secure, verified integration code at the click of button.

Enhanced Testing

Each line of code brings new unknowns to your system. Feel confident in the code you write and generate. Use the plugins in your toolbox to generate evidence that code is trustworthy and meets requirements.

Risk Management

Engineering supply chains are powered by software pipelines, which introduce new types of vulnerability to your systems. Our embedded security experts help you detect and respond to risk before it derails your mission.

Engineering Needs an Upgrade

We think it’s time for engineering to get a reboot. Conventional engineering processes work really well for things you can see, but introducing software to the mix changes the game. We help you bridge that gap with guidance, toolkits, and support to give you the visibility you need to improve systems and meet challenges head on.

Innovation is Tradition in the Birthplace of Aviation

Tangram Flex is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, the home of Wilbur and Orville Wright and a hub of defense innovation. Our staff of learners and leaders has experience across the DoD, Fortune 500 companies, and innovative software startups. At Tangram Flex, we champion accountability and put people first. We are dedicated to helping our customers meet the demand for fast, secure delivery of system capabilities.

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