Helping engineers build a faster, flexible, and secure future

Future-focused innovation

Every day, people entrust their health, safety, and security to modern machines that are controlled by software. We feel great responsibility for helping to ensure systems work (only) as they’re supposed to. At Tangram, we empower engineers to solve complex problems in simple ways. 

We have good lineage

Good genes run deep. With Galois as our parent company, our family tree is one of the most respected in the field. Galois’s distinguished research in cryptography, hardware and software assurance, and formal methods are at our disposal and we’re providing what they’ve uncovered to the world. 

Tried and true technology

Our reputation and track record has built relationships with the world’s top defense companies and innovation leaders across industries. We provide order to safeguard inventing for the future.

We're built on decades of research into advancing the safety and security of cyber-physical systems

Software re-engineered

Founded in February 2018, Tangram Flex modernizes systems engineering with flexible and precise integration of components for reuse across cyber-physical systems. Tangram Flex is built upon a foundation of decades of research and huge financial investment into advancing the safety and security of cyber-physical systems. 

Tangram’s computer science R&D focuses on creating smart tooling to cyber-retrofit and build mission-flexible systems for the US Department of Defense and industry-leading defense companies. Our technology provides new solutions for building flexible, modular systems with provable safety and security.

The Tangram team is a group of leaders from the DoD, private industry, and innovative startups. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, we are dedicated to dramatically impacting the modernization of systems engineering.

It's time to improve the way systems are built.

Tangram gives engineers the tools to create modular, configurable systems that work only as they're designed to. Learn more about our platform.