Rooted in Research

A Strong Foundation

Good genes run deep. With Galois as our parent company, our family tree is one of the most respected in the field. Our technology is rooted in Galois' distinguished research in cryptography, software assurance, and system correctness.

Commercial Focus

Tangram Flex is a product-focused company with the mission of creating a commercial solution for cyber retrofit. Our reputation and track record has built relationships with the world's top defense companies and innovation leaders across industries.

Solution Oriented

Tangram Flex provides game-changing capabilities for critical DoD systems. Our highly skilled team helps engineers build modular systems with custom tools to accommodate mission requirements and market needs.

Software Re-engineered

Founded in February 2018, Tangram Flex is a spinout of Galois, Inc. Our team is a group of leaders from the DoD, private industry, and innovative startups committed to helping engineers build configurable systems for secure, rapid delivery of technology to the market.

Tangram Flex’s computer science R&D focuses on creating smart tooling to cyber-retrofit and build mission-flexible systems for the US Department of Defense and industry-leading defense companies. Our technology provides new solutions for building flexible, modular systems with provable safety and security.

From Research to Development: The HACMS Program

Galois' work on DARPA's HACMS program lead to the ideas that founded Tangram Flex. Tangram Flex was created to answer the need for more rapid retrofit and safer system upgrades to protect military systems from cyber threats. Tangram Flex's software toolkit, Tangram Pro™, has a strong foundation from Galois' decades of research...