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Even world-class engineering teams struggle to perform at their best without a solution to stay in sync. Gaps between processes and tools make it difficult to unify design, development, and implementation. They also demand a lot of time to patchwork solutions and build workarounds.

Tangram Pro™ gives teams a simpler way to work together throughout the engineering lifecycle. With this integration toolkit, you can overcome gaps in the Engineering V and deliver better products to customers.

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The Industry's Leading Software Integration Toolkit

Imagine what could you accomplish if you had the freedom to focus on products instead of process. You can’t reinvent the Engineering V overnight, but you can have better control and insight with Tangram Pro™  so you can work together with less work and speed up delivery without sacrificing quality.

Component Integration

Integration is complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Tangram Pro™ automatically generates secure interface code so you can reduce rework and cut back on manual, tedious tasks that make integration slow and complex. Get even more out of component-based engineering by integrating Tangram Pro™ with your CI/CD pipelines to deliver system updates and software components when they’re needed.

Reuse & Interoperability

Tangram Pro™ bridges disparate tools and processes with a shared interface where system models can be connected directly to software code. Paired with its component library, Tangram Pro™ gives engineering teams visibility into system components and the ways they communicate so they can be reused in new ways – across software languages and standards.

Built In Assurance

Nearly 70% of software errors are introduced during the requirements and design phases but aren’t caught until after implementation, when they’re more difficult and up to 100x more expensive to resolve. Tangram Pro™ builds in testing and analysis from the start, so you can keep up with changes and catch mistakes earlier, when they are faster and cheaper to fix.

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Control the Engineering V

Tangram Pro™ brings components, processes, and people together to bridge the gaps between system design and implementation. Browse through our User Docs site for tutorials and an overview of what you can do with Tangram Pro™.

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Tangram Pro™ the Way You Need It

Tangram Pro™ can be adapted to any environment and customized for your unique needs. Check out our flexible pricing bundles and find the option that works best for your environment.

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