Component-Based Digital Engineering with Tangram Pro™

Cyber Retrofit

Software must evolve rapidly in order to meet the demands of the world

More than 70% of today’s critical systems use software components. Integrating new technology into legacy systems traditionally requires time-consuming manual custom development. Rapid acquisition organizations need to re-use existing systems to support evolving missions with reduced development and integration times.

What We Do

Modular Software Systems

Tangram Flex uses a component-based approach to digital engineering. Our technology breaks critical systems down into small pieces, making it easier to verify functionality. With this modularized-approach, assurance tools can be applied in three ways:

To the components themselves, to the code that connects components together, and to the system where the component integrates.

Automatic and Assured Code Generation

Tangram Flex's technology automates manual and labor-intensive software integration processes. Our software toolkit, Tangram Pro™, helps engineers build configurable systems with tools for system design, automatic code generation, and software assurance evidence.

Baked In Cyber Resilience

Tangram Flex is a leading expert in software assurance. On their own, assurance tools are difficult to use and understand. Our automatic workflows include advanced assurance tools, reducing the time and skill-level needed to produce assurance data, documentation, and certification.

A software engineering framework for rapid, more secure retrofit and upgrades

How It Works


Tangram Pro™ integrates with existing code repositories so components can be shared, implemented, and versioned with team members and organizations.


Engineering teams use Tangram Pro™ to generate secure software interfaces for rapid replacement of components in critical systems.


Workflows in Tangram Pro™ give engineers of all skill levels access to advanced assurance tools with readable, usable evidence about cyber resiliency and component behavior.


Tangram Pro™ automates manual and labor-intensive software integration processes to deliver new system capabilities to the market at a relevant and responsive pace.

Want to learn more?

In today’s fast moving world, engineering tools that provide visibility, flexibility, and safety are essential for system-lifecycle management. Tangram Flex is here to help.