Tangram is a holistic software re-engineering platform

Our Technology

When software meets hardware, the complexity of cyber-physical systems engineering is infinite.

Creating and changing capabilities is time-consuming, expensive, and prone to vulnerabilities. Tangram gives engineers the tools to build modular, configurable systems that work exactly as they’re designed to.

What we do

Tangram is revolutionizing systems engineering for our rapidly evolving world.

The tools and processes we’ve relied on in the past can’t keep up with the complex relationships powering the systems of today. Updates and retrofits are so time-consuming and expensive that they are often delayed until major flaws are discovered and people are hurt.

With Tangram, you are able to finally know and trust all parts of your cyber-physical systems

Tangram’s technology simplifies complex systems to make modifications and improvements faster and more secure. Tangram visualizes systems modularly so that components of each capability can be rapidly interchanged. Auto-generated software interfaces bridge gaps between components from different languages and architectures, enabling existing technology to be reused in new ways.

Tangram's assurance tools prove that components are safe and work exactly as they should-- and no other way. With confidence in safety and behavioral correctness, systems are reconfigured and delivered to the field in a fraction of the time.

How it works


Engineers and organizations use Tangram to chain their existing tools and processes for seamless communication and transition of technology between teams and programs.


Tangram visualizes systems at the component level with the ability to add, remove, and change individual components for retrofit and reuse of capabilities.


Each component in Tangram is validated and certified to meet the standards, design, and requirements of cyber-physical systems.


With Tangram’s automation of secure interfaces and artifacts for traceability, new and updated systems are built, rebuilt, and deployed rapidly to meet the demands of the real world.

Want to learn more?

In today’s fast moving world, engineering tools that provide visibility, flexibility, and safety are essential for system-lifecycle management. Tangram simplifies the world's most complex systems so you can innovate and upgrade with transparency, speed, and trust.