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Solutions: Helping You Reshape Possible

We are experts in complexity. Our team pairs experience with digital engineering and software integration tools to give you the freedom to quickly bring new capabilities and commercial technology into your systems. With Tangram Flex as your partner, you have the power to continuously adapt and succeed in changing markets.

Tangram Flex is Your Partner in Software Integration

Modular and Open Systems
Connecting Modular Systems

Warfighter needs are constantly evolving, demanding rapid reconfiguration of mission-critical systems. With our deep experience and powerful toolkits, we work closely with system integrators to quickly connect modular systems by building flexible software that meet critical safety and security requirements. Lifecycle costs and development time are dramatically reduced with continuous integration, speeding up delivery of new technologies to the field.

Illustration of modular systems sharing code
Cyber Retrofit for Legacy Systems

Integrating new capabilities and improving cyber security is critical for sustaining legacy systems. Our engineering experts identify and harden the communication between different software components, guaranteeing inputs are received from valid sources and safeguarding your system from unexpected behaviors. With a combination of formal methods and first principle techniques, our trusted approach eliminates the need to start from scratch and provides maximum system flexibility to meet changing mission needs.

Illustration of a decomposed legacy DoD system
Integrating Simulation and Training Environments

Legacy simulation and warfighter training systems need to evolve to enable integration into modern cloud-based environments connecting disparate simulation systems rapidly and repeatedly. Our engineers combine vast experience with commercial software development, software integration, automated deployment, and cyber security to quickly modernize and link diverse simulation systems across the globe.

Illustration of different simulation environments working together across multiple states.
Customized Digital Engineering Solutions

Software is never done, but with the right tools and guidance you can keep pace with technology. Our engineers collaborate with you to find the potential in your existing systems and select the best tools to deliver faster, safer updates. We custom-fit solutions to your environment so you have the tailored, scalable toolkits in Tangram Pro™ that meet your unique program requirements and seamlessly integrate with your existing engineering workflows.

Illustration of a digital engineering tool
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Our Approach is Trusted, Tried, and True

Simple doesn’t mean easy, but we love a challenge. Our engineers work with you to find ways to make systems modular and adaptable, curate the toolbox you need to update, change, and reuse capabilities, and give you the roadmap to navigate continuous system upgrades.


We map every part of your system so you can discover its potential

Our engineers break complex systems down into a library of components that can be reused in new ways without relying on a vendor for configuration. We map your system architecture to requirements so you can bring new capabilities to the field with security and trust.


Interface Definition


We collaborate with you to select and use powerful tools for faster, safer software integration

You need a toolbox as unique as your system. We design custom workflows that generate secure interfaces for integrating new technologies into your system, with transforms built in to ensure interoperability between software languages and standards. Our engineers incorporate analysis tools to catch errors before integration so you can rapidly deliver updates in any environment with less risk.

Secure Interface Generation



We show you how to optimize your environment for repeatable system updates

Like any good partner we want to see you succeed. We empower you to scale the resources you already have to make future upgrades using your component library and the Tangram Pro™ toolkit. Our DevSecOps experts help configure your existing engineering pipeline to support new tools and workflows and work with you to manage varied security protocols and secure migration to the cloud.

DevSecOps Pipeline Integration

Custom Workflow Plugins

Simplify the Way You Work Together with Tangram Pro™

Conventional engineering processes work really well for things you can see, but introducing software to the mix changes the game. You can’t reinvent the Engineering “V” overnight. But you can help engineers and developers avoid the pitfalls by giving them a better way to work from the same place at the same time.

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